Natalie is self-taught in drawing and painting, studying art extensively on her own before attending the University of Washington to major in creative writing. She began teaching art at Seattle Pacific University in 2007, and currently teaches at Yongin University in South Korea. She has taught color theory, portraiture, watercolor, art history, and English in the US and Korea. She earned a Masters in Fine Art from Goddard College in 2011, studying gouache painting, fiber art in feminist traditions, biblical theology, and community building through artistic collaboration.

Natalie is inspired by many art forms and traditions including 19th century British watercolors, European portraiture, Chinese silk painting, Korean fiber art, and early 20th century book illustration and graphic design. Her work is often quite psychologically and religiously charged, as she asks questions about the interaction between spiritual and physical dimensions of humanity, particularly as a woman. She is also fascinated by the places people live and the idea of being at home in a body or a place.